What is Rock in Prevention?

Have you ever wished there was a better way to keep kids off alcohol and drugs? Have you noticed the traditional methods just don’t seem to work anymore, and never really have? Well, you’re in luck because that’s precisely why Rock in Prevention was born! It is a new age way to teach kids the dangers of substance abuse and help them make positive life choices.

Rock in Prevention (ROCK) is an organization that was founded by Pat McManus and Ray Johnson in 1990 as a fun, informative and effective way to help keep teens off drugs and alcohol. It is located in Des Moines, Iowa.

Pat McManus had counseled teenagers that were addicted to drugs and alcohol. He saw firsthand how devastating the effects were on their lives. He became dedicated to helping them get clean and start over in life, and to prevent other kids from falling into the same trap.

During his research he found that most of the current prevention methods weren’t working because of the way it was presented. Kids just didn’t respond to it. So he used music to get through to them on a deeper level, and found that was much more effective.

Rock in Prevention uses music and arts in a persuasive way to reach kids and help them make positive and healthy choices in life. It teaches life skills, drug awareness, anger management, problem solving, and other things to help kids live up to the full potential. Rock is interactive and social in nature, which is great for keeping the interest of the kids.

To this day ROCK has helped over a million participants. And a study conducted by Iowa State University over multiple years shows that rock in prevention is successful at reducing the use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco in teens. They have also been honored as one of the 20 best prevention programs in the United States.

They have custom programs and school programs to fit the needs of any organization where kids are involved. To sum it up, RockInPrevention is a powerful, creative and positive program that students, teachers, mentors and parents will remember for a lifetime!

A little bit directly from Pat McManus on how the program got started and why…

“In working with kids in treatment, I asked them, why is it that prevention didn’t work for you? They said, it’s just not believable, the stuff they are teaching us and the way they are talking about it just isn’t realistic or reflective of our reality. I said, what would work? They said, if you train high school role models right there from the community you are going to match ethnicity, race, culture, neighborhood, etc… and the kids are going to look up to these mentors who are similar to them. So you use a practical interactive workshop experience with people they can relate to and it will work. I basically took that advice and ran with it to start Rock In Prevention.”

Video: Rock In Prevention Presents Rock PLUS…

For complete information visit their website: Rock in Prevention

2 comments on “What is Rock in Prevention?

  1. Joy on said:

    I think rock in prevention does an excellent job at educating youth and helping to keep kids off drugs and alcohol through fun and entertaining methods. I’ve seen firsthand what they can do and it is nothing short of amazing! Go RIP!

  2. Matt on said:

    Pat McManus and his team at Rock in Prevention are awesome! They have helped me more ways than I could ever imagine and I can’t thank them enough. Keep doing what you are doing because it is working and it is helping and it is amazing!

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